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Theology » Holy Spirit

The Fruit of the Spirit

A biblical study of genuine character growth in the life of the Christian, as set forth in Galatians 5. Endorsements "We need less talk about some once-for-all experience with the Spirit ...

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ISBN 9780875524313
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The Holy Spirit His Person and Ministry

Because of the importance of the subject, its comparative neglect, and the lack of popular up-to-date scriptural study of the Holy Spirit with an emphasis beyond the Christian life, Edwin...

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ISBN 9780875523675
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The Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit is God and indivisible from the Father and the Son. Robert Letham thus develops a holistic and canonical view of the Spirit in the context of the Trinity, the person and w...

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ISBN 9781629953809
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The Nature and Work of the Holy Spirit

Our doctrine of the Holy Spirit influences everything else we believe. He is foundational to our understanding of Scripture, theology, history, and practical Christian living. This book ...

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ISBN 9781629955292
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Perspectives on Pentecost New Testament Teaching on the Gifts of the Holy Spirit

A careful examination of the New Testament teaching on the gifts of the Spirit. Makes a case for the cessation of tongues at the close of the apostolic era.

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ISBN 9780875522692
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The Triune God

edited by Ronald L. Kohl
contributions from

While the workings of the Trinity challenge our understanding, Bible-believing Christians cannot let themselves downplay the Trinity or ignore it. We find the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit...

Format Paperback, eBook
ISBN 9781596389816
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