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About P&R Publishing

Founded in 1930 by Samuel G. Craig and J. Gresham Machen, P&R Publishing company has over 750 titles in print, releasing an average of 40 new titles per year.

P&R, which stands for “Presbyterian and Reformed,” is dedicated to publishing excellent books that promote biblical understanding and godly living as summarized in the Westminster Confession of Faith and Catechisms. Titles on our list range from academic works advancing biblical and theological scholarship to popular books designed to help lay readers grow in Christian thought and service. Our mission is to serve Christ and his church by producing clear, engaging, fresh, and insightful applications of Reformed theology to life.

We publish titles in the following subject areas:

  • Apolo­get­ics & Evangelism
  • Bible Study
  • Bib­li­cal Reference
  • Chris­t­ian Living
  • Church Min­istry
  • Coun­sel­ing
  • Reformed Tra­di­tions
  • The­ol­ogy
  • Women’s Resources
  • World­view & Ethics
  • Youth & Fic­tion

The Story of P&R

In 1930 former Presbyterian minister Samuel G. Craig (1874–1960) was forced to leave his five-year term as editor-in-chief of The Presbyterian. The denominational paper dismissed Craig after he threw his support behind J. Gresham Machen, who had founded Westminster Theological Seminary in Philadelphia in response to Princeton Seminary’s modernist reorganization in 1929. Along with Machen, Craig founded The Presbyterian and Reformed Publishing Co. in May 1930 to produce a needed conservative answer to the liberal-leaning Presbyterian. The company started publishing a monthly journal called Christianity Today, then priced at $1 for a yearly subscription. The journal featured articles on Christianity and theology, book reviews, sermons, news in the Presbyterian church, and letters to the editor (see archived issues at 

Christianity Today Issue

In the first issue, Craig wrote, “This paper will fail of its purpose if it does not prove helpful not only to Presbyterians but to Christians everywhere in maintaining their heritage in the face of encroaching Modernism and in transmitting it undiminished to those who shall come after them.”

Publication of Christianity Today continued intermittently until 1949. In 1956 Billy Graham and the neo-evangelicals acquired the journal’s name for their own new magazine, which is now read widely today.

Below: Samuel G. Craig in 1905; with friends (second from right).

Sam G. Craig, 1905.Samuel G. Craig.


In 1943, more than a decade after its founding, the Presbyterian and Reformed Publishing Co. published the first two books on its lists on behalf of Oswald T. Allis, Craig’s best friend and one of the founders of Westminster Theological Seminary.

Below: P&R's first author, Oswald T. Allis, and his two books: The Five Books of Moses and Prophecy and the Church

Oswald T. Allis      Five Books of Moses      Prophecy and the Church

“Dr. Allis had two man­u­scripts ready for pub­li­ca­tion: his author­i­ta­tive defense of the Mosaic author­ship of the Pen­ta­teuch, The Five Books of Moses, and Prophecy and the Church, a clas­sic cri­tique of dis­pen­sa­tion­al­ism. . . . Dr. Allis, hav­ing some dif­fi­culty find­ing a suit­able pub­lisher, dis­cussed the prob­lem with my father. . . . At some time in their dis­cus­sion they became aware that the char­ter and bylaws of Chris­tian­ity Today were broad enough to per­mit the pub­li­ca­tion of books. So as an exper­i­ment it was decided to pub­lish these two books. The result was highly grat­i­fy­ing and the Pres­by­ter­ian and Reformed Pub­lish­ing Com­pany was on its way.”

—Charles H. Craig, son of Samuel G. Craig

Samuel Craig’s son, Charles H. Craig (1912–1983), took over operations in 1957. A former teacher and administrator, Charles had worked for the American Red Cross during World War II and had done social work through his involvement with the Big Brothers Organization of New York City. Charles operated the publishing company out of his home in Nutley, New Jersey, and used a small off-site building for shipping. In addition to a few other part time employees, his wife, Catherine Craig, used her talents as an early cover designer, and his four children helped part time.

In 1978, the Presbyterian and Reformed Publishing Co. moved to its current headquarters in the countryside of Harmony Township, New Jersey. Four years later, in 1982, Charles Craig's son, Bryce H. Craig (MDiv, Westminster Seminary), became president of P&R after years of helping with the family business.

In 1992 “The Presbyterian and Reformed Publishing Co.” was abbreviated to “P&R Publishing.” P&R’s mission remains the same: to serve Christ and his church by producing clear, engaging, fresh, and insightful applications of Reformed theology to life.

From left to right: Samuel G. Craig, Charles H. Craig, and Bryce H. Craig.

Samuel G. CraigCharles H. CraigBryce H. Craig

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P&R's Landmark Books and Series

  • The Five Books of Moses (1943), Oswald T. Allis
  • Prophecy and the Church (1943), Oswald T. Allis
  • The Genesis Flood (1961), John C. Whitcomb & Henry M. Morris
  • Competent to Counsel (1970), Jay Adams
  • The Symbol (1973), R.C. Sproul
  • When People Are Big and God Is Small (1997), Edward T. Welch
  • Instruments in the Redeemer’s Hands (2002), David Paul Tripp
  • Reformed Expository Commentary series (2005), Philip Graham Ryken, Richard D. Phillips, Iain M. Duguid, and Daniel M. Doriani, eds.
  • The Shepherd Leader, Timothy Z. Witmer
  • Thy Word Is Still Truth (2013), Peter A. Lillback & Richard B. Gaffin Jr. eds.
  • Systematic Theology (2013), John M. Frame
  • 31-Day Devotionals for Life series (2018), Deepak Reju, ed.
  • Is It Abuse? (2020), Darby A. Strickland

Organizations & Book Ministries P&R Has Partnered With

  • Action International Ministries (AIM)
  • African Bible College
  • African Christian Textbooks (ACTS)
  • Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals
  • Association of Biblical Counselors (ABC)
  • Biblical Counseling Coalition (BCC)
  • Children Desiring God
  • Christian Counseling & Educational Foundation (CCEF)
  • Covenant Seminary
  • Ligonier Ministries
  • Malawi Seminary
  • Prison Book Project
  • Prison Fellowship
  • Redeemer Seminary
  • Reformed Theological Seminary
  • Theological Book Network (TBN)
  • Together for the Gospel (T4G)
  • Truth:78
  • Truth for Life
  • Westminster Seminary California
  • Westminster Theological Seminary (Philadelphia)