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Desk, Examination, and Personal Copies

P&R is happy to provide desk, examination, and personal copies of textbooks to qualifying professors who teach at recognized colleges, universities, and seminaries. Qualified persons include lecturers, instructors, adjunct professors, assistant professors, associate professors, and professors. Students, student assistants, student instructors, and the general public do not qualify.

Exam and desk copies are provided free of charge. They are limited to one copy per title per professor, for possible textbook use only. To order a desk or examination copy, you have three options: (1) log in to our website and fill out the form, (2) call 1(800) 631-0094, or (3) e-mail When calling or writing, please provide your class’s title, description, and anticipated size and clarify whether the book, if adopted, would be a required or supplemental reading.

P&R reserves the right to refuse an examination or desk copy to any professor who abuses the policy.

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