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The Holy Spirit

His Person and Ministry

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Format: Paperback
Pages: 204
ISBN: 9780875523675
Publication Date 06/01/85

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Because of the importance of the subject, its comparative neglect, and the lack of popular up-to-date scriptural study of the Holy Spirit with an emphasis beyond the Christian life, Edwin H. Palmer wrote The Holy Spirit more than forty years ago. The publisher is returning this important book to print so that a new generation may benefit from it.


"A fine, comprehensive modern study of the work of the Spirit. This fresh treatment takes up such questions as how the Spirit guides us."

—W. J. Grier

"[This review is] a hearty and enthusiastic commendation of a long-desired book. . . . the whole range of the Holy Spirit’s work as revealed in the Bible is covered. . . . Every chapter is clear, concise, and stirring. Only a stone could remain unmoved after reading about the One whose symbols are water, wind, and fire."

—Robert G. De Moss


The Author

Edwin H. Palmer

Edwin H. Palmer

Edwin H. Palmer (1922-1980) was a pastor, educator, and author. A graduate of Westminster Theological Seminary and the Free University of Amsterdam, he  pastored three curches in Michigan. For four years he was an instructor in systematic theology at Westminster. He also wrote The Five Points of Calvinism.