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Rights & Permissions

When quoting material from P&R books, formal permission is needed if:

  • You are quoting 300 or more words from a single book
  • You are quoting more than 20 percent of a book, booklet, or pamphlet
  • You are reproducing artwork, photographs, forms, charts, tables, graphs, or other visual representations

Brief quotes, simple citations of a copyrighted title, and quotations in a church bulletin do not require formal permission from us.

For all quotations, even those that do not require formal written permission, add a credit line similar to the following: “Reprinted from [title] by [author], copyright [date of copyright], P&R Publishing, Phillipsburg, NJ.”

How to request formal permission:

To request formal permission to reproduce material from a P&R publication please write to and include the following information:

  • Your name, email, address, and position or affiliation
  • The title, author, ISBN and publisher of the book that contains the material you wish to use
  • The page number(s) that contains the material
  • The page number preceding the material and the page number following for contextual information
  • The use for which you are requesting this material:
    • Inclusion in a book or periodical. Please include:
      • Title, author, and publisher of the book or periodical in which the material will appear
      • Expected print run or circulation
      • Expected price of the book
      • Expected release date
    • Church, ministry, or educational use in either preaching, distribution, or teaching. Please include:
      • Name of the church, ministry organization, or educational institution and class
      • Mode of distribution (i.e., hard copies, PowerPoint, printed quote, post on a website)
      • Number of copies requested
      • Length of term requested for use 
    • Personal use. Please explain.

In granting a license, P&R considers the following:

  • The title you will be quoting from
  • The content of the quotation you will be using
  • Your purpose for using the quotation
  • The media in which the quotation will be reproduced
  • The number of copies that will be made
  • The period of time the quotation will be used for

If you are interested in obtaining translation and overseas subsidiary rights, please write to