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Authors » Rhonda McRae

Rhonda McRae has a degree in communications from the University of Mississippi and works as a creative writer and editor in one of the nation’s largest healthcare organizations.

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What My Golden Retriever Taught Me about God

What My Golden Retriever Taught Me about God

What can Sadie, the golden retriever of author Rhonda McRae and her sister, do for either of her owners? She doesn’t pay bills. She never gets supper ready. She can’t even do ...

Format Hardcover
ISBN 9781596381636
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What My Golden Retriever Taught Me about God

Does God care about His creatures? Does He care about you? Sadie, a golden retriever, gives us a hint as Rhonda weaves for us a beautiful story of dog and master. Revel in Sadie&rsq...

Format Hardcover
ISBN 9781596381636
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