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Authors » John Murray

Born in Sutherland, Scotland, in 1898, John Murray distinguished himself as a theologian of the first rank during his years of service at Westminster Theological Seminary, where he taught systematic theology from 1930 until his retirement in 1966.

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An analysis of both Old and New Testament teachings concerning divorce, providing a more holistic view of the subject by setting the issue in a broader spectrum of God's relationship with...

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ISBN 9780875523446
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The Covenant of Grace

In this concise booklet, John Murray examines how throughout all ages God redeems his people by means of his covenant of grace. Emphasizing the organic unity of God's successive covenants...

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ISBN 9780875523637
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Christian Baptism

Sets forth the scriptural arguments that are the basis for the Reformed and Presbyterian teaching on baptism. Topics include: mode of baptism, the church, infant baptism and more.

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ISBN 9780875523439
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Imputation of Adam's Sin

This classic work by John Murray studies the various interpretations of Romans 5:12–19, examining the syntactical construction, the sin contemplated, the union involved, the nature ...

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ISBN 9780875523415
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