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Authors » Derek Cooper

Derek Cooper is managing director of Thomas Institute, an educational travel company that specializes in learning on location. He is also the author of fifteen books, including Christianity and World ReligionsIntroduction to World Christian HistoryBasics of Latin, and Before You Go Overseas. Derek has visited more than seventy-five countries and earned a PhD in the history of religion and an MBA in entrepreneurial management. He runs a YouTube channel called Thomas Institute. To learn more, visit

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Thomas Manton A Guided Tour of the Life and Thought of a Puritan Pastor

Thomas Manton (1620–77) was an influential Puritan preacher and an important figure in English Society. This book has two aims, to introduce readers in an engaging manner to Manton ...

Format Paperback, eBook
ISBN 9781596382138
Direct Price $14.99 $11.50

Christianity and World Religions An Introduction to the World's Major Faiths

Derek Cooper takes us on a two-part tour of the world’s most influential religions: Hinduism, Buddhism, Confucianism and Taoism, Judaism, Islam, and Christianity. The first part dis...

Format Paperback, eBook
ISBN 9781596384460
Direct Price $22.99 $14.94

Christianity and New Religious Movements An Introduction to the World's Newest Faiths

Jainism ◆ Sikhism ◆ Baha’i ◆ Nation of Islam ◆ Mormonism ◆ Jehovah’s Witnesses ◆ Wicca ◆ Scientology ◆ Atheism ◆ Nones Every major religion has produce...

Format Paperback, eBook
ISBN 9781629955919
Direct Price $29.99 $19.49