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Church Ministry

Why Can't We Be Friends? Avoidance Is Not Purity

The church stands firm against culture on many issues of sexuality . . . but misses this one! Society says we are merely sexual beings and should embrace this, and in the church we use th...

Format Paperback, eBook
ISBN 9781629954172
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Why Do We Pray?

We all have questions about prayer. Why pray if God already knows what’s going to happen? Can prayer change the mind of God? Does it actually affect anything? What is the purpose of...

Format Booklet
ISBN 9781596384149
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Why Johnny Can't Preach The Media Have Shaped the Messengers

"What was that sermon about?" T. David Gordon has identified a problem, one that affects us all and needs fixing. Our preaching is just not communicating properly anymore. Fortunately, Go...

Format Paperback, eBook
ISBN 9781596381162
Direct Price $12.99 $8.44

Why Johnny Can't Sing Hymns How Pop Culture Rewrote the Hymnal

Changes in music have affected the way we think, the way we worship—even the way we are able to worship. We are steeped in a culture of pop music that makes other genres seem strang...

Format Paperback, eBook
ISBN 9781596381957
Direct Price $14.99 $9.74

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With Reverence and Awe Returning to the Basics of Reformed Worship

Even among Reformed Christians, worship is a fighting word. Conflicting expectations for worship reveal that there is significant confusion about its nature, purpose, and practice. Origin...

Format Paperback
ISBN 9780875521794
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Words to Winners of Souls

An inspiring call to humility in Christian service and renewed compassion for those without Christ. This timeless classic by Horatius Bonar, Scottish Presbyterian divine of 1808-89, offer...

Format Paperback
ISBN 9780875521640
Direct Price $12.99 $10.00

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Worship in Spirit and Truth A Refreshing Study of the Principles and Practice of Biblical Worship

This fresh, practical study of worship throws needed light on questions about worship content, music, atmosphere, structure, freedom, clarity, recent trends, and much more. Study groups, ...

Format Paperback
ISBN 9780875522425
Direct Price $14.99 $11.50

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