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Biblical Reference

Jonah & Micah

Jonah is a figure of such contemporary features that he could be a member of one of our churches. Moreover, Jonah reminds us that the chief characteristic of redeemed people is not that t...

Format Hardcover, eBook
ISBN 9781596381148
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"King of Israel" and "Do Not Fear, Daughter of Zion" The Use of Zephaniah 3 in John 12

This thoroughly researched, groundbreaking examination of John 12:13–15 demonstrates the seminal role that Zephaniah 3:14–15 plays in John’s portrayal of Jesus as the Ki...

Format Paperback
ISBN 9781629954110
Direct Price $49.99 $40.00

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Let the Reader Understand, Second Edition A Guide to Interpreting and Applying the Bible

“Well, that’s just your interpretation.” For many people, interpreting the Bible is the art of making it say what they want. Even scholars often treat interpretation as ...

Format Paperback, eBook
ISBN 9780875525167
Direct Price $32.99 $25.00

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Living in the Light of Inextinguishable Hope The Gospel According to Joseph

Learn how the story of Joseph prefigures the gospel, testifying to God’s electing grace and showing how he redeems and restores broken and dysfunctional sinners to accomplish his pu...

Format Paperback, eBook
ISBN 9781596385429
Direct Price $14.99 $10.00

Longing for God in an Age of Discouragement The Gospel According to Zechariah

This book is only available via print on demand. A minimum order of 5 copies is required. To place an order, please email or call 1-800-631-009...

Format eBook
ISBN 9781596381421
Price $21.99

Love Divine and Unfailing The Gospel According to Hosea

After establishing the historical and theological backdrop for Hosea, Michael Barrett focuses on the connection between Hosea's marriage to Gomer and the Lord's marriage to his people. Th...

Format Paperback, eBook
ISBN 9781596380752
Direct Price $16.99 $13.00

Luke 2-Volume Set

Written after Jesus’ earthly ministry had come to an end, when word of his teachings and actions had spread to those who had never seen him firsthand, Luke is “the Gospel of K...

Format Hardcover, eBook
ISBN 9781596381520
Direct Price $89.99 $60.00

Luke, Volume 1 Knowing for Sure, (Chapters 1–10), A 13-Lesson Study

When our faith falters, Luke’s gospel meets us with the explicit and vital purpose of helping us to be certain of the good news of Jesus’s death and resurrection. In Luke 1&nd...

Format Paperback, eBook
ISBN 9781629958415
Direct Price $11.99 $9.00

Luke, Volume 2 Knowing for Sure, (Chapters 11–24), A 13-Lesson Study

When our faith falters, Luke’s gospel meets us with the explicit and vital purpose of helping us to be certain of the good news. Luke 11–24 presents extended teaching from Jes...

Format Paperback, eBook
ISBN 9781629958446
Direct Price $11.99 $9.00

Mark by the Book A New Multidirectional Method for Understanding the Synoptic Gospels

P. W. Smuts uses the gospel of Mark as a springboard to compel readers to interpret the Synoptic Gospels against the broader sweep of redemptive history by advocating a “multidirect...

Format Paperback, eBook
ISBN 9781596384408
Direct Price $17.99 $13.50