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You Can Pray

Finding Grace to Pray Every Day

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Format: Paperback, eBook
Pages: 176
ISBN: 9781629950754
Publication Date 11/03/14

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“This book is not about the steps you can take to become a great pray-er. The message of this book is that you already are a great pray-er in Christ. Through Christ, you can pray.”

Tim Chester shows us how we become great pray-ers who pray great prayers simply through knowing three foundational truths about God:

  • God the Father loves to hear us pray
  • God the Son makes every prayer pleasing
  • God the Holy Spirit helps us as we pray

When these truths are in place, we discover why prayer is easy, why prayer is difficult, and the arguments and priorities of prayer.

Prayer is like a child’s asking her father for help—and that’s not beyond any of us. Here you will find the grace and encouragement to talk with your heavenly Father every day.


“I am so grateful for You Can Pray. It is gracious yet challenging, accessible yet theologically robust. If you've ever wondered why we need to pray, or how to get better at it, this book will help you enormously.”

—Pete Greig, founding champion of the 24-7 Prayer movement.

“A very encouraging and enjoyable read. It put a spring into my step and got me praying more than I had been.”

—Sam Allberry, author of Lifted and Connected

"Enjoyment and prayer are words that are not normally associated together, but after reading You Can Pray you will not be able to separate them! . . . A must-read for anyone who wants to make prayer easy, biblical, and God-glorifying."

—Andrew Chard, European Director for AIM International


The Author

Tim Chester

Tim Chester

Tim Chester is a church leader from Sheffield, England, the author of You Can Change, and the associate director of Porterbrook Seminary.

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