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Truth in All Its Glory

Commending the Reformed Faith

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Format: Paperback
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Pages: 312
ISBN: 9780875527949
Publication Date 10/07/04


“The first time I heard the expression Reformed theology, I was not much attracted to it,” writes William Edgar.

What came to mind were abuses done in its name. “My mind was changed over a period of time,” he goes on to say, and here he commends the richness and beauty of the Reformed worldview he now cherishes.

Edgar traces the origins of the Reformed faith, explores its central truths, and probes its significance for the church’s calling in the world. While sensitive to challenges before the Reformed community—even its shortcomings—he suggests avenues for further understanding and new applications of a Reformed worldview to our age. 


"With his customary elegance of style and power of prose, Bill Edgar brings us a substantial book defining the content of the Reformed tradition. He never avoids difficult issues, nor does he sidestep controversy. This is a book to be read and reread with pleasure and profit. It is a 'must' for officer training classes, and a valuable textbook for anyone seeking to understand the modern Reformed church."

Robert M. Norris

"A winsome presentation . . . Truth in All Its Glory is a prayer, and Edgar is never far from doxology as he leads us into the wonder of the God whose glory is at the heart of all true Reformation theology."

Timothy George


The Author

William Edgar

William Edgar

William Edgar (DTh, University of Geneva) is professor of apologetics at Westminster Theological Seminary and, among other things, a professional jazz musician. His published works include Reasons of the Heart: Taking Note of Music and articles on cultural apologetics, the music of Brahms, and African-American life.