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The Promise is His Presence

Why God is Always Enough

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Format: Paperback
Pages: 208
ISBN: 9781629954738
Release Date 08/01/19


Glenna Marshall is wondering something. What if she told you that you don’t have to go looking for God’s presence? What if she told you that God’s presence is something you can enjoy all the time? 

God’s presence among his people set him apart from the pagan gods of ancient times. His presence on earth as God Incarnate split history in two. And today his presence is one of the most significant means of his goodness to us. Glenna’s own awakening to God’s presence began in the depths of winter. Rereading her journal, she realized that for six months she’d been cataloging all the ways God had abandoned her as she suffered from chronic pain. What if that . . . wasn’t true? Something had to change. Interweaving her own story of faith and doubt amid suffering, Glenna traces the theme of God’s presence from Genesis to Revelation and shows what it means for us in our own daily joys and struggles.

The Author

Glenna Marshall

Glenna Marshall

Glenna Marshall is a pastor’s wife and mom of two boys. Through infertility, illness, and difficult ministry, she has learned that God's presence is the answer to life’s every ache. As a writer, speaker, and musician, she loves to point women to the Bible to see God's goodness in all of life.