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The Practices of a Healthy Church (eBook)

Biblical Strategies for Vibrant Church Life and Ministry

Price: $9.99
Format: eBook
Pages: 272
ISBN: 9780875523903
Publication Date 06/01/99


Healthy churches grow. But what makes a church healthy?

Veteran church statesman Donald J. MacNair draws on decades of hands-on experience to answer that question. He gives us both timeless principles and fresh insight into the priorities, practices, and strategies of vibrant, ministering churches.


"Whether acting as a pastor, a denominational officer, an author, a teacher, or a consultant, Don MacNair has made himself a servant of Christ's church. . . . Don is always thinking ahead, always considering what new challenges the present age presents for the church, and always seeking to discover more specifically how the Bible (rather than tradition, comfortable habits, or past practices) should guide us."

—Bryan Chapell

"MacNair's biblical theology and years of experience as a pastor, teacher, and consultant have given him much wisdom and understanding of what a healthy church should be and do. This book is developed from his biblical philosophy and proven expertise. It is practical, readable, and extremely usable."

—Charles Dunahoo

The Author

Donald J. MacNair

Donald J. MacNair

Donald J. MacNair (1922-2001) (BD, Faith Theological Seminary; DD, Geneva College) was adjunct professor of practical theology at Covenant Theological Seminary, of which he was a founder. He served as a pastor in urban, suburban, and rural settings, as well as church planter and consultant, including nineteen years as executive director of National Presbyterian Missions. He was author of several books on church life and ministry.