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The Quest for Truth, Book 4

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Pages: 480
ISBN: 9781596382480
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Publication Date 08/28/15

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“Rescuer,” Mason cried in his mind. “Save me!”

The Wikk kids have been separated on their quest to find humanity’s home planet. Reunited with his parents, Mason makes new friends and clashes with old enemies on board the sinister Übel ship, the Black Ranger. Meanwhile, Oliver, Tiffany, and Austin race to rescue their friend Ashley from a toxic moon—but they soon find themselves in more trouble than they’d bargained for. Their newfound faith in Rescuer has changed their whole view of the universe. Will trusting the Truth help them to make sense of tangled clues and lies? How long can they keep one step ahead of their enemies?


“Wow! Tangle has left me wanting more. As a father and bookstore manager, I'm glad that there still is good, clean kids’ fiction. I highly recommend The Quest for Truth series.”

—Chris McCormick, Manager, LifeWay Christian Stores

"Read this before your friends. Full of twists, this action-packed installment in The Quest for Truth is sure to be your favorite."

—Jerel Law, author of Son of Angels series

Tangle was a fabulous book. Through battles and plot twists, I kept wanting to read more. And a warning to all future readers: this book is very hard to put down.”

—Gavin Montgomery, age 10

“Just when I thought The Quest for Truth couldn't get more exciting, along came Tangle! Book 4 is the best yet, with mysteries unfolding in ways my children and I never imagined. Above all, I love hearing my kids' excitement about the Wikk family's spiritual discoveries. Brock Eastman has outdone himself once again!”

—Ann Hibbard, Senior Editor,Home Educating Family Association

“Brock Eastman’s writing reflects his personality: full of life, full of truth, and most likely to hold your attention to the very last moment.”

—Donita K. Paul, Author, The DragonKeeper Chronicles and Realm Walkers Series

“The Quest for Truth series is an entertaining fusion of archaeological mystery and space adventure. It's Indiana Jones meets Star Wars—but with family values and spiritual truth as its warp core. The first three volumes kept me reading . . . sometimes far past my bedtime! Tangleis a satisfying addition to the sequence.”

—Jeremiah W. Montgomery, Author, The Dark Harvest Trilogy


The Author

Brock Eastman

Brock Eastman

Brock Eastman has a degree in marketing and works for Compassion International. Previously he was a producer and podcast host for Adventures in Odyssey. He is the author of The Quest for Truth series, the Sages of Darkness series, Daddy’s Favorite Sound, Mommy’s Favorite Smell, Bedtime on Noah’s Ark, Showdown with the Shepherd (Imagination Station Books), and Faith and Science with Dr. Fizzlebop. He writes feature stories and the Dr. Fizzlebop recurring column for Clubhouse and Clubhouse Jr. magazines. He is also the cohost of the Story Biz podcast and host of Tyndale Kids Summer Camp. He loves reading stories to his four kids each night. 


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