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Reasons of the Heart

Recovering Christian Persuasion

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Format: Paperback, eBook
Pages: 128
ISBN: 9780875525952
Publication Date 07/21/03

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“Apologetics has a deeply human side that is concerned with the whole person,” say William Edgar. This book bears that out in both tone and content. While affirming the importance of reason in answering unbelief, Edgar invites us to make full use of the diverse forms of persuasion aimed at the unbelieving heart.

Part one lays out the biblical foundations for apologetics, and part two explores actual objections and arguments. When we understand biblical apologetics and the reasons for disbelief, we will be better able to cut through intellectual smoke screens of our day.


“Directs us to an apologetic that is many-sided, to meet the needs of the vast diversity of people we will likely encounter. . . . very accessible and a great encouragement.”

—Dick Keyes, L’Abri Fellowship

“Effective apologetics is an art: it addresses the whole person—mind, emotion, and will. With insight and practical wisdom, William Edgar outlines, clarifies, and illustrates the complex apologetic tasks.”

—James W. Sire, author, Why Should Anyone Believe Anything at All

“An excellent brief introduction. . . . insightful, well-written. . . . lays a good foundation for further classroom exploration . . . whether in undergraduate or graduate courses.”

—Stephen R. Spencer, Bibliotheca Sacra

“The size of this book belies its contribution. . . . Edgar opens up to the reader a rich and diverse apologetic.”

—Mark P. Ryan, Reformed Theological Review

The Author

William Edgar

William Edgar

William Edgar (DTh, University of Geneva) is professor of apologetics at Westminster Theological Seminary and, among other things, a professional jazz musician. His published works include Reasons of the Heart: Taking Note of Music and articles on cultural apologetics, the music of Brahms, and African-American life.