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Raising a Christian Daughter in an MTV World

Price: $3.99
Format: eBook
Pages: 256
ISBN: 9780875523736
Publication Date 05/01/00


With wit, wisdom, solid principles, and practical insight, this book will help Christian parents equip their daughters to face the problems, challenges, and temptations of today's world.


"Christian parents of daughters should rise up en masse and call Mary Ruth Murdoch blessed. Her keen insights into the Scriptures are God-centered, clear, and geared toward practical application of biblical wisdom in the challenging task of raising godly daughters in an ungodly world.... A rich source of guidance and encouragement for anyone involved in helping young girls grow into mature Christian women."

—Carol J. Ruvolo, Author, Light for Your Path Series

"Helpful advice and suggestions, wonderful illustrations from real life, meaningful applications to the everyday world of a Christian young woman, and best of all, plentiful and unashamed use of Scripture as the guide and compass for parents raising teenage daughters."

—Dean Conkel, Director of Youth Ministries, Presbyterian Church in America

"Raising a Christian Daughter in an MTV World is a book full of truth and wisdom. Mary Ruth Murdoch is very incisive about what we should be teaching our daughters, but the true measure of this book is that she takes the time to tell us how. As a mother and Christian educator, I am delighted to recommend this work to concerned parents and teachers."

—Sue Jakes, Christian Education Consultant, Great Commission Publications


The Author

Mary Ruth Murdoch

Mary Ruth Murdoch

Mary Ruth Murdoch (BS, family development, University of Georgia; MAR, Westminster Theological Seminary) has years of experience in campus ministry. She and her husband have three daughters.