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Puritan Papers

Vol. 1, 1956-1959

edited by

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Pages: 336
ISBN: 9780875524665
Publication Date 05/01/00

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J. I. Packer, D. M. Lloyd-Jones, Iain Murray, and Ernest Kevan are among the distinguished contributors to this compilation of papers on a wide range of topics pertaining to Puritan and Reformed teaching, piety, and life. This volume, the first in a series, captures the principles and passion of Puritan belief as presented in the Puritan and Reformed Studies Conferences of 1956–1959.

The twenty-three papers gathered here are, by design, "practical and constructive, not merely academic," says Packer, and therefore helpful to pastors as well as the whole church. Topics include:
• Interpreting scripture
• Christian experience
• Worship
• The lord's day
• The life and work of a minister
• Dealing with troubled souls
• The law and the covenants
• Discipline
• Revival


"The republication of these studies will . . . furnish Christians today with insight into the rich heritage of Puritan thought. In the shallowness, pragmatism, and confusion of much current evangelicalism, the depth, conviction, and steadiness of the Puritans can again help renew the churches."

—W. Robert Godfrey

"[The conference papers] provide an invaluable resource for those who love Puritanism."

—Erroll Hulse