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Preaching with Biblical Motivation

How to Incorporate the Motivation Found in the Inspired Preaching of the Apostles into Your Sermons

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Format: Paperback, eBook
Pages: 408
ISBN: 9781629952826
Publication Date 10/31/17

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Reformed theology proposes that the Holy Spirit alone makes the preaching of God’s Word effectual in salvation and sanctification. How can preachers move the hearts of hearers in ways that please and glorify God without being seen as manipulators?

This book traces the development of motivational theories and practices in academia, in the church, and from an assortment of theological persuasions—contrasting them with a study of five sermons in the book of Acts that illustrate biblical principles of motivation.


“An outstanding piece of scholarship. . . . I found myself recommending [it] to every pastor I know. . . . In nineteen years of pulpit ministry, few works have impacted my view of preaching like this one. I am delighted to recommend it to pastors, seminary students, homiletics professors, and anyone who takes pleasure in God’s Word and the preaching of it.”

—C. J. Williams, Professor of Old Testament Studies, Reformed Presbyterian Theological Seminary

“The modern church has been awash with various motivational theories, each claiming to hold the golden key to effective preaching. Dr. Heiple subjects them to insightful critique, and then offers a helpful explanation of human motivation informed by the Bible and Reformed theology.”

—Joel R. Beeke, President, Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary

“Shows in detail how the apostles Peter and Paul sought to motivate their audiences, and how preachers today can follow in their inspired footsteps. Heiple’s work evidences careful scholarship, is very enlightening, and is deeply convicting. A much-needed antidote to emotion-heavy but truth-light preaching.”

—Bailey Cadman, Senior Pastor (retd.), Providence Presbyterian Church, Robinson Township, Pennsylvania 


The Author

Ray E. Heiple Jr.

Ray E. Heiple Jr.

Ray E. Heiple Jr. (M.Div., Reformed Presbyterian Theological Seminary; D.Min., Reformed Presbyterian Theological Seminary) is the senior pastor of Providence Presbyterian Church (PCA) in Robinson Township, Pennsylvania.