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Political Science

Faithful Learning

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Format: Booklet, eBook
Pages: 48
ISBN: 9781596389014
Publication Date 05/31/16

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Many Christians think of politics in terms of daily headlines, newsfeeds, sound bites, and talking heads—or as an ideological battleground cluttered with winners and losers. Much, much more is going on. The academic field of political science is an empirically based, theoretically driven social science that addresses human endeavors of a political nature. Political scientists create hypotheses and test them using data and carefully selected research methods, and understanding their findings in light of God’s common grace will change the way we work in government, journalism, the military, and other fields. Cale Horne overviews the discipline; presents a Christian framework for approaching political science; and illustrates the potential for faithful learning in and through the study of politics.

Series Description
The Faithful Learning series invites Christian students to dive deeper into a modern academic discipline. The authors, scholars in their fields, believe that academic disciplines are good gifts from God that, when understood rightly, will give students the potential to cultivate a greater love for God and neighbor. 

The Author

Cale Horne

Cale Horne

Cale Horne (MA, University of South Carolina; PhD, University of Georgia) is associate professor of political studies at Covenant College in Lookout Mountain, Georgia, where he has taught since 2011. 

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