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An Invitation to Academic Studies

Faithful Learning

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Publication Date 07/18/14

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Why study academic disciplines like history, literature, biology, philosophy, chemistry, and computer science? Why even study secular subjects in the first place—especially since we have the Bible to learn from? God has made us to be nonstop learners—and what we learn can actually strengthen our faith! What will you learn, and why?

Jay Green invites you to explore the world of academic study, where you will discover vital opportunities to understand and expand God’s kingdom. Learn how the church and the academy intersect, and find out how you can cultivate your mind for the glory of God.

Series Description
The Faithful Learning series invites Christian students to dive deeper into a modern academic discipline. The authors, scholars in their fields, believe that academic disciplines are good gifts from God that, when understood rightly, will give students the potential to cultivate a greater love for God and neighbor. 

The Author

Jay D. Green

Jay D. Green

Jay D. Green (MA, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School; PhD, Kent State University) has been professor of history at Covenant College in Lookout Mountain, Georgia, since 1998.

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