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Gospel-Powered Parenting

How the Gospel Shapes and Transforms Parenting

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Format: Paperback, eBook
Pages: 240
ISBN: 9781596381353
Publication Date 09/01/09

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"How can I hope to be an effective parent today when attack on the family are stronger than ever before?"

The answer, says Farley, is the gospel.

Parents who claim the gospel as their own have an enormous effect on their marriage, their integrity, and their love for their children. Keeping the gospel at the forefront of every aspect of marriage helps parents fear God, sensitizes them to sin, motivates them to enter their children's world, and causes them to preach the beauty of the gospel to their children through their marriage.


"Gospel-Powered Parenting is a wise, enduring prescription for parenting because it is joyously biblical and comes from a pastor-theologian who has done itas his family wonderfully attests."

R. Kent Hughes

"Rock solidprofoundly grounded upon the all-sufficiency of the Word of God and the gospel of grace. Farley is not going to give you theoretical platitudes; he is honest about his own deficiencies and his great need of gospel wisdom in parenting. This is, ultimately, a parenting book full of hopehope grounded in the gospel of Jesus Christ."

Douglas Bond


The Author

William P. Farley

William P. Farley

William P. Farley is the senior pastor of Grace Christian Fellowship, a non-denominational Evangelical church in Spokane, Washington. He is the author of Outrageous Mercy, Gospel-Powered Parenting, and Gospel-Powered Humility, and has written articles for numerous journals and magazines. Bill and his wife, Judy, live in Spokane, Washington.