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God's Mysterious Ways

Embracing God's Providence in Esther, A Ten-Lesson Bible Study

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Format: Paperback, eBook
Pages: 256
ISBN: 9781629952246
Publication Date 07/20/16

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Has God ever seemed distant from issues and events that deeply impact you? Has He really intended for certain things to happen?

The book of Esther never mentions God, yet it gives us fascinating insight into his unerring work to rescue his people. Using commentary, application questions, testimonies, and hymns, Jane Roach walks us through the book’s compelling historical narrative and helps us to identify and learn from God’s providential activity.

See God’s hand in your own circumstances, lean on him, and experience a new life of gratitude, peace, and joy. 


“God’s sovereignty and providential care over all things is one of the most important and foundational doctrines of our faith. . . . This theologically rich study takes us through the pages of God’s Word to see that all God’s purposes come to pass.”

—Christina Fox, Author, A Heart Set Free

“Jane Roach’s insightful study-and-discussion questions and clear exposition blend serious engagement with the scriptural text with a focus on Christ, our true Rescuer. . . . It will move you to worship the Lord in awe at all times and to rest in his sovereign wisdom and love in times of trial.”

—Dennis E. Johnson, Author, Walking with Jesus through His Word

“This resource will be a tremendous aid to personal worship and devotional study, as well as for small group discussions. Discover God’s providence in Esther and you will learn to see God’s presence in your own life.”

—Richard D. Phillips, Senior Minister, Second Presbyterian Church, Greenville

"Don't feel bad if you didn't know Esther was in the Bible. It is rarely cited, much less explored, in Christian circles today. But after you read this wonderful Bible study on Esther, you will have one more reason to treasure God's Word. As usual, Jane Roach offers an accessible map: the setting of the book, the role of divine providence, and Esther's place in the history of redemption. Then she weaves exposition with worship, which is after all the goal of this and every other book in the Bible."

—Michael Horton

The Author

Jane Roach

Jane Roach

Jane Roach (1941–2024) was director of training for Bible Study Fellowship for more than twenty-five years.

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