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Francis Schaeffer

A Mind and Heart for God

edited by

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Format: Paperback
Pages: 124
ISBN: 9781596381612
Publication Date 02/01/10

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Francis Schaeffer’s view of humanity was that all human beings are created in the image of God—broken by the fall, but nonetheless created in the image of God, and are therefore creatures of great dignity and worth. It was the driving force behind his dealings with people, causing him to treat each person with significance and respect, and it was central to his view of how Christians should reach the world around them.

Born from the first conference dedicated to his work and its continuing influence in our world, and selected from the best of the talks presented at that conference, this book offers the view that Francis Schaeffer’s word to the Christian community is as relevant today, and maybe more so, than in his own lifetime.


"Francis Schaeffer was the great door-opener. . . .For me, personally, he stood head and shoulders above most others because of the way he took God so seriously, people so seriously, and truth so seriously. . . . He was a giant of the faith to whom we owe more than many people realize."

—Os Guinness

"His sense of both the greatness and tragedy of human life pervaded everything he said as did the corresponding sense that God has spoken and has given to us truth which is unshakable."

—David F. Wells

"Each author brings a moving combination of personal tributes and original insights from their own work. Few texts will give the reader deeper insight into Francis Schaeffer, the man and the legacy, than this one. And few texts will better challenge the reader to carry on the work he began."

—William Edgar