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Eternal Word and Changing Worlds

Theology, Anthropology, and Mission in Trialogue

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Format: Paperback
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Pages: 384
ISBN: 9780875522043
Publication Date 07/01/92


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In this book, addressed to the "Western, white evangelical community," Professor Conn drives home the need for a radical reevaluation of our Western models for theology and missions. The rise of non-Western and nonwhite theologies and the changes in our understanding of language, culture, and religions force upon us the realization of the inadequacy of our ethnocentric, abstracting approach to theology and missions.

The Author

Harvie M. Conn

Harvie M. Conn

Harvie M. Conn was professor of missions at Westminster Theological Seminary. He received his BD and ThM degrees from Westminster Seminary and for three years pursued postgraduate studies at Temple University.