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The Enemy Within

Straight Talk About the Power and Defeat of Sin

Direct Price: $9.99 $7.50
Format: Paperback, eBook
Pages: 160
ISBN: 9780875522012
Release Date: 11/01/98

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How would you like to fight an enemy who, just as you have him on the ropes, always evades the final blow? An enemy who hides just out of reach, lulling you into a fall sense of security, until he drops from nowhere onto your back?

That's the advantage of indwelling sin—it lurks in an unsearchable fortress where you can't get to it. But if God has redeemed us from sin—and given us his Holy Spirit to sanctify us and give us strength against sin—why do we go on sinning?

Drawing from two masterful works by English theologian John Owen, Kris Lundgaard takes aim at the enemy within. He shares his discovery of hope, renewed love for Christ, an approach to holiness by faith in him.


". . . fresh, contemporary, highly readable. Every Christian who is serious about holiness should read this book."

—Jerry Bridges

"Kris Lundgaard has done the impossible. He has given us some of the best of Puritan theology in a language all of us can understand. . . . will challenge you to radical spiritual transformation!"

—Richard L. Pratt, Jr.

". . . a solid reminder that apart from the grace of God we are far weaker than we can imagine—but greater is he that is in us than he that is in the world."

—Bryan Chapell

"Kris Lundgaard has given us a delightful book. It is honest, real, and, best of all, hopeful."

—Steve Brown


The Author

Kris Lundgaard

Kris Lundgaard

Kris Lundgaard has a varied background: technical writer, computer programmer, pastor, and test-engineering manager. Since 2007, he and his wife, Paula, have served with Mission to the World in Slovakia. They have four married children and seven grandchildren.