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The Dark Harvest Trilogy

Direct Price: $41.99 $9.00
Format: Paperback
Pages: 992
ISBN: 9781596381902
Publication Date 07/11/14

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The Dark Harvest trilogy follows Morumus, a monk tasked with confronting the Dark Faith and its blood-steeped rituals. Jeremiah Montgomery, a masterful storyteller, has created a world that heightens the reality of spiritual warfare and the danger of subversion in the church.

The Dark Harvest trilogy includes: 

Book 1 - The Dark Faith

Book 2 - The Scarlet Bishop

Book 3 - The Threefold Cord

The Author

Jeremiah W. Montgomery

Jeremiah W. Montgomery

Jeremiah W. Montgomery has been an engineer, essayist, and pipemaker. He and his wife have four sons who love to read and a little girl who cannot wait to begin.