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Call of Grace

How the Covenant Illuminates Salvation and Evangelism

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Format: Paperback
Pages: 120
ISBN: 9780875524597
Publication Date 09/01/02

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Draws on the covenant to shed light on evangelism and the way of salvation. Explains where and how human responsibility enters into salvation.


"With clarity of thought and precision of expression, Norman Shepherd focuses the light of covenant theology on such troublesome issues as antinomianism and legalism, election and covenant, and Calvinism and evangelism. All who love the Reformed faith will profit from this thought-provoking work."

—R. J. Gore

"Norman Shepherd reminds us of the pivotal importance of the covenant and of the role of obedience in our lives, and he summons all to recognize how unbiblical the idea of merit is. His insights regarding the covenant and evangelism are especially timely."

—Joel Nederhood

"'Good Calvinists,' says Norman Shepherd, 'can and ought to be good evangelists.' But some Calvinists have a problem with evangelism. Their problem stems from a narrow theology that focuses on the 'five points' and overshadows the biblical emphasis on the covenant. This book may signal a brighter day for Reformed evangelism."

—Roger S. Greenway

"This lucid and highly readable study provides valuable instruction on what it means to live in covenant with God. God's covenant is the only way of life that fully honors both the absolute, all-embracing sovereignty of his saving grace and their full, uninhibited activity of his people. The Call of Grace should benefit anyone concerned about biblical growth in Christian life and witness."

—Ricard B. Gaffin Jr.


The Author

Norman Shepherd

Norman Shepherd

Norman Shepherd taught systematic theology at Westminster Theological Seminary from 1963 to 1981, and then served two pastorates in the Christian Reformed Church before retiring in 1998.