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Bringing Heaven Down to Earth

Connecting This Life to the Next

Price: $7.49
Format: eBook
Pages: 208
ISBN: 9780875523484
Publication Date 10/07/05


Heaven continues to be a neglected element of the Christian life. We profess it to be eternally important and then live as if it doesn't exist. By taking a new look at the biblical picture of heaven, Nathan Bierma shows readers how heaven can be a relevant, meaningful, inspiring engine of Christian faith and kingdom service. With this new outlook on our eternal destiny, we can live with godly purpose in our vocation, citizenship, recreation, and worship.


"Not many writers in their twenties take up the subject of heaven. Isn't life too full and busy for such concerns? That Nathan Bierma has done sowith a depth of insight and a spiritual maturity rarely encountered in writers twice his agesuggests that the book you hold is exceptional."

John Wilson, Editor, Books & Culture


The Author

Nathan L. K. Bierma

Nathan L. K. Bierma

Nathan Bierma is an author, voiceover talent, and podcaster.