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Blame It on the Brain?

Distinguishing Chemical Imbalances, Brain Disorders, and Disobedience

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Format: Paperback
Pages: 208
ISBN: 9780875526027
Publication Date 06/01/98

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Depression. Attention deficit disorder. Alcoholism. Homosexuality.

Research suggests that more and more behaviors are caused by brain function or dysfunction. But is it ever legitimate to blame misbehavior on the brain? How can I know whether "My brain made me do it"?

Viewing brain problems through the lens of Scripture, Edward T. Welch distinguishes genuine brain disorders from problems rooted in the heart. Understanding that distinction will enable pastors, counselors, families, and friends to help others—or themselves—deal with personal struggles and responsibilities. While focusing on a few common disorders, Dr. Welch lays out a series of practical steps adaptable to a wide range of conditions, habits, or addictions.


“Ed Welch’s careful biblical and scientific scholarship is a model to be emulated, especially in his chapters on homosexuality and alcoholism. While he has not written the final word on the interaction between the brain and the soul, he has forged a work that has a strong theoretical base and eminently practical application. Christians who personally or professionally face or discuss these problems in themselves or others must study and contend with this book.”

—Franklin E. Payne Jr., M.D.


The Author

Edward T. Welch

Edward T. Welch

Edward T. Welch is a counselor and faculty member at the Christian Counseling and Educational Foundation (CCEF). He is author of a number of books, including When People Are Big and God Is Small and Addictions: A Banquet in the Grave.