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Beyond the Summerland

The Binding of the Blade, Book 1

Price: $19.99
Format: Paperback, eBook
Pages: 600
ISBN: 9780875527208
Publication Date 05/25/04

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The Binding of the Blade is an original fantasy series based in part on the prophesy from the book of Isaiah. In book 1, the adventure begins for a band of young Novaana, eager to serve and rule the four regions of the world of Kirthanin.

Kirthanin is enjoying a time of peace, though Malek, Master of the Forge and betrayer of old, controls Agia Muldonai, the Holy Mountain. Malek's servants are growing bolder and venturing farther from their mountain stronghold, and the fragility of Kirthanin's peace is growing ever more apparent. Join this adventure of friendship, love, and betrayal. Ride through majestic forests, and sail the forgotten waters. Rest a while in a summer paradise and walk the streets of an ancient and forbidden city. The greatest challenge of the Novaana's lives is only the beginning.


"A staggering accomplishment. The vibrancy and scope of L. B. Graham's world-building deserves highest praise. Add in well-rounded and memorable characters, thematic richness, and high adventure, and you have an unbeatable formula for success. Ranks right up there with Tolkien and Lawhead as among the best Christian novels of the fantastic ever written."

—Jan P. Dennis, discoverer of Frank Peretti, Stephen R. Lawhead, and Ted Dekker

"L. B. Graham is a marvelous storyteller: His words are vivid and powerful, his imagination unbound. Best of all, he uses a breathtaking array of thought candyhigh adventure, tragedy, romance, heroism, suspense, danger. A lot of fantasy novels claim to be 'in the tradition of Lord of the Rings'Beyond the Summerland truly lives up to the praise.:

Robert Liparulo, contributing editor of New Man Magazine and author of the novel Comes a Horseman

"L. B. Graham's first book in The Binding of the Blade series takes hold of the reader, building one compelling event upon another, and races toward an utterly surprising conclusion."

—Dr. Kent Gramm, Pulitzer prize nominated author of November: Lincoln's Elegy at Gettysburg

The Author

L.B. Graham

L.B. Graham

L. B. Graham (BA Literature, Wheaton College; MDiv, Covenant Seminary) is chairman of the Bible department and teacher of English and worldviews at Westminster Christian Academy in St. Louis. He has written several articles in IVP’s Dictionary of Biblical Imagery. He and his wife, Joanne, have two children.


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