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Finding the Better Story

Direct Price: $9.99 $7.50
Format: Paperback
Pages: 104
ISBN: 9781629959139
Release Date 05/31/23


Have you ever stood in front of an ocean wave, put your hand out in front of you, and said, “Stop, wave!”? That would be ridiculous! . . . But have you ever tried the same approach with your anxiety? “Stop, anxiety!” It probably hasn’t worked either. 

Liz gets it. As a teenager, she was stressed out and trying to survive her anxiety each day. Now that she’s a mental health counselor, she wants to pass on what she’s learned to other teenagers. Just understanding what anxiety is makes a big difference, but what makes an even bigger difference is understanding what God has to say about it. 

With daily Scripture readings, breathing exercises, and additional mental-health resources, this little book offers you comfort and help in your anxiety. See how your anxiety fits into the big story of your life—and of the whole universe—and learn how Jesus can bring you peace.

The Author

Liz Edrington

Liz Edrington

Liz Edrington is the fellowship groups and young adults director at North Shore Fellowship in Chattanooga, Tennessee