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Annie Henry and the Redcoats

Adventures in the American Revolution, Book 4

Direct Price: $7.99 $2.25
Format: eBook
Pages: 104
ISBN: 9781596383777
Publication Date 07/07/11


Annie Henry is determined to help her country any way she can. And only the fearless daughter of an American patriot could think up the ideas she does!

Annie has been growing up. And with the Revolutionary War in its fifth year, it seems as if she and the war have been together forever. Even now her brothers are off fighting and her father is serving in the legislature to try to ensure American victory.

Annie would love to do more for her country, but as a teenage girl she must settle for taking care of the house and the children. But then an idea comes to her—a way to be more involved. All she’ll have to do is take a little trip to Yorktown, where the American army is battling the British.

What she doesn’t know is that on this trip she will witness another historic moment… one that will set the course for a nation.


"As she grows from a young girl to a teenager, Annie Henry's character remains genuine in the six-year span captured so beautifully by Susan Olasky in her American Revolution series."

—Sandra Morrow

The Author

Susan Olasky

Susan Olasky

Susan Olasky cofounded and chaired the Austin Crisis Pregnancy Center in Austin, Texas. She is author of several books, book review editor, and senior writer for WORLD magazine. 

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