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Against the Tide

The Valor of Margaret Wilson

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Format: Paperback
Pages: 220
ISBN: 9781596380615
Publication Date 07/02/07

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Seventeenth-century Scotland is a place of cruel intolerance for the Covenanters, a people bound together by their loyal faith. A young, earnest Covenanter, Margaret Wilson finds her pledged loyalty to Christ and his covenant in opposition to King Charles II’s demands for her absolute obedience. Will Margaret choose to defy the authorities? Or will devotion to her family, love for her sweetheart, and hopes for future happiness rule her heart?

The Chosen Daughters series highlights the lives of ordinary women who by God's grace accomplish extraordinary things.


"Margaret Wilson is a heroine for the ages, holding true to her convictions during one of the darkest seasons in Scottish history. Oh, that we might all have the faith of this young woman, who was determined to let God choose her future, whether for service or for sacrifice."

—Liz Curtis Higgs, Best-Selling Author, Thorn in My Heart

"The difficult age of the Scottish Covenanters comes startlingly to life . . . Hope Marston has captured all the drama and adventure, tension and intrigue, courage and romance, faith and endurance of those Killing Times when both the integrity of the gospel and the prospects of freedom were very much at stake."

—George Grant, President, Franklin Classical School


The Author

Hope Irvin Marston

Hope Irvin Marston

Hope Irvin Marston is a retired junior-high school librarian and the author of more than two dozen children’s books, including the My Little Book series of animal stories and the award-winning Isaac Johnson: From Slave to Stonecutter. Picture books, photographic essays, and junior biography are her forte.