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Gospel Powered Humility

New Releases

Hidden in the Gospel / William P. Farley

We live with our own thoughts 24/7. Often we are carried along by sinful thinking instead of intentionally speaking truth to ourselves. How can we start changing this? How can we live lives that are influenced by the gospel moment by moment?

William Farley argues that mature Christians solve many spiritual problems in their lives by preaching the gospel to themselves. The gospel is not one event but a story that began before time and stretches into eternity. Key moments in this story—such as Jesus’ incarnation, death, resurrection, and ascension—teach us lessons that can be applied to life every single day. In this user-friendly book, Farley shows us how.

Prone to Wander / Barbara Duguid

“We have left undone those things which we ought to have done; and we have done those things which we ought not to have done.” But what are “those things”? Why do we confess them? The purpose of confessing our sins is not simply to remind us what great sinners we are, but rather to point us to the great Savior we have. Inspired by the Puritan classic The Valley of Vision, this book provides specific prayers of confession in response to particular Scripture passages. They are ideal for use in church or in personal devotions. These prayers thank God for Jesus’ perfect righteousness and substitutionary atonement for our sins and ask for the help of the Spirit in pursuing holiness. They close with a scriptural assurance of pardon in Christ for the sins of God’s people. Appendices include the hymns referenced in each prayer, as well as the sermon texts that accompanied these confessions as they were originally used in worship services.

Threefold Cord / Jeremiah W. Montgomery

Finally a trilogy that deals with clashing worldviews, true faith and vigilante monks all at the same time! Montgomery is to be commended for carefully exposing the evils of syncretism and clearly drawing the line between good and evil. A fast pace, multifaceted fantasy novel, The Threefold Cord delivers a fitting end to The Dark Harvest Trilogy
—Patrick Daly, Banner of Truth Trust, USA

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