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Gospel Powered Humility

New Releases

God's Battle / Sally Michael

God’s Battle is a theologically-rich resource for parents and pastors who want to give children a God-sized vision to fight the good fight of the faith. I highly recommend it.
—Josh Mulvihill, Pastor to Children and Families, Grace Church, Eden Prairie, Minnesota

The Christian life is no Disney adventure. It’s a dangerous journey to the Celestial City and we spend much of it fighting for faith and for the faith. Our children need to learn early on what the battle is all about, what it’s like to fight, and how to survive. Sally Michael’s book is itself a weapon for the war, because it equips us to equip our children for the fight of their lives.
—Jon Bloom, President, Desiring God

Jesus is Most Special / Sally Michael

The simplicity of this book mirrors the plainness of the biblical story. White space on the paper mimics the starkness of winter. Carol-lyrics waft beside the brief, deep Scriptures that inspired them. In these pages the Savior is clearly worshiped. As I read, his arrival touched me yet again.
—Steve Estes, author of A Better December

Literature / Clifford W. Foreman

Some Christians choose to study no literature except for the Bible, fearing the allure of sin in secular writing. Yet the Bible itself is a literary work; God knew we would best understand what he is like through the universal art forms of poetry and story—and so, for ourselves and those we wish to reach with the gospel, there is value in studying what literature is and how it communicates ideas. Clifford Foreman, a respected English professor for over 25 years, takes us on an exploration of literature and its various forms, engaging the works of respected secular authors to illustrate each form and to show us the beauty and Scriptural potential of an artful use of language.

Problem of Good (The) / D. Marion Clark, Editor

Pastor Clark has dedicated his life to explaining biblical truth in clear, practical ways and to solving spiritual problems in the life of the church. He does all of that here, in The Problem of Good. There is no other book like it—nothing that offers a basic overview and complete introduction to the doctrine of common grace. As a result, people who read this book will be uncommonly prepared to think through complex problems and live out their faith in the church and in the world.
—Philip Graham Ryken, President, Wheaton College

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