NEW RELEASE — God’s Battle by Sally Michael

God’s Bat­tle by Sally Michael

128 pages | $16.99 | Paper­back | Fully Illus­trated | Series: Mak­ing Him Known

Sum­mary: Par­ents work hard to pro­tect their chil­dren from dan­ger. But are we help­ing to guard them in the spir­i­tual bat­tle that already rages around them?

Whether he con­sciously takes sides or not, every per­son is in the mid­dle of spir­i­tual war­fare. None of us can choose to sit on the sidelines—and even our chil­dren are not exempt! So rather than try­ing to shield them from the very real war around them, why not equip them, as early as pos­si­ble, to take an active role and fight back?

Sally Michael pro­vides the frame­work for par­ents to train their chil­dren in the fight of faith. In this full-color, illus­trated “bat­tle plan,” she uses the gospel mes­sage to intro­duce chil­dren to the state of their hearts, then awak­ens them to the many bat­tle­grounds that sur­round us—both from our own sin­ful hearts and from the enemy’s attacks. She then encour­ages chil­dren to be fight­ers, giv­ing them a bib­li­cal bat­tle strat­egy to depend on God, resist the enemy, and stand strong!

About the Author:

Sally Michael is the co-founder and pub­lish­ing con­sul­tant of Chil­dren Desir­ing God, and she devel­oped their widely used Sun­day school cur­ricu­lum for young peo­ple. She is also an author and a speaker, and she served as Min­is­ter for Chil­dren at Beth­le­hem Bap­tist Church in Min­neapo­lis, Min­nesota, for six­teen years.


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God’s Names
120 Pages
Sum­mary: This is a full-color guide for par­ents to teach their early ele­men­tary chil­dren about God’s char­ac­ter, revealed in 24 names. Each chap­ter ends with a per­sonal appli­ca­tion and activities.


God’s Promise
128 Pages
Sum­mary: You have prob­a­bly seen your children’s eyes light up at receiv­ing a present. How excited would they be to get a present directly from God? God already has a present to offer your chil­dren. And you can be the one who helps them dis­cover it!


God’s Prov­i­dence
128 Pages
Sum­mary: In this full-color guide to how God’s prov­i­dence works in the world, par­ents can stim­u­late a lively dis­cus­sion with early ele­men­tary chil­dren about rest­ing in God’s sov­er­eign care. Each chap­ter includes per­sonal appli­ca­tion and activities.


God’s Wis­dom
128 Pages
Sum­mary: Sally Michael helps par­ents and chil­dren dis­cover the joys of wis­dom and dis­cern the destruc­tion of fool­ish­ness in this full-color, illus­trated book that includes appli­ca­tion ques­tions and activ­ity suggestions.


Our mis­sion is to serve Christ and his church by pro­duc­ing clear, engag­ing, fresh, and insight­ful appli­ca­tions of Reformed theology.


BOOK HIGHLIGHT — Dogmatic Theology by William G. T. Shedd

Dog­matic The­ol­ogy, 3rd Edi­tion by William G. T. Shedd

1,024 pages | $59.99 | Hard­cover | Pub­lished: 2003

Sum­mary: A clas­sic from a lead­ing Reformed the­olo­gian of the 1800s. The edi­tor, Alan W. Gomes, trans­lated all foreign-language words and quo­ta­tions and wrote an intro­duc­tion and glossary.

The first edi­tion was pub­lished by Charles Scribner’s Sons in two vol­umes in 1888; the sec­ond edi­tion, in 1889. A third vol­ume was added in 1894. All three vol­umes were reprinted by Zon­der­van in 1953 and by Thomas Nel­son in 1980.

About the Author:

William G. T. Shedd (1820–1894) was a pro­fes­sor at Union The­o­log­i­cal Sem­i­nary in New York for twenty-eight years. An emi­nent the­olo­gian of his era, he wrote both doc­tri­nal and pas­toral works.

What Others Say About This Book:

Read­ing Shedd is like dis­cov­er­ing a fam­ily heir­loom in the attic. By mak­ing him avail­able again to a wide audi­ence, the edi­tor, Alan Gomes, has ren­dered a great ser­vice. Gomes has actu­ally improved Shedd’s clas­sic by tak­ing mate­r­ial from the third some­what ‘mis­cel­la­neous’ vol­ume and insert­ing it into the body of the work. Many other helps (viz., glos­saries, clear nota­tions, illu­mi­nat­ing edi­to­r­ial com­ments) make this the best edi­tion of this work. If the ques­tions of the author­ity of Scrip­ture, God’s omni­science and omnipo­tence, human help­less­ness, the sub­sti­tu­tion­ary atone­ment, jus­ti­fi­ca­tion, the scope of sal­va­tion, and the doc­trine of end­less pun­ish­ment are as fiercely con­tested in our day as in Shedd’s, we will find Dog­matic The­ol­ogy as rel­e­vant as ever.” - Michael S. Hor­ton, West­min­ster The­o­log­i­cal Sem­i­nary in California

The reis­su­ing of Shedd’s Dog­matic The­ol­ogy occa­sions pure joy for all who are devoted to bib­li­cally sound and his­tor­i­cally alert the­ol­ogy. Here they will encounter an ener­getic and well-stocked mind labor­ing dili­gently to per­ceive the truths of Scrip­ture, chart their inter­re­la­tions, and fol­low their impli­ca­tions through high and rea­soned spec­u­la­tion. Alan Gomes ‘s intro­duc­tion — itself and invit­ing invi­ta­tion to the delights of his­tor­i­cal and sys­tem­atic the­ol­ogy — iden­ti­fies not only the pecu­liar strengths of Shedd’s work, but also ways it can cor­rect many errors of more recent the­ol­ogy. The Eng­lish trans­la­tions of Shedd’s many untrans­lated quo­ta­tions enhance the work’s acces­si­bil­ity, as do the glos­saries, which by them­selves may instruct read­ers in the­o­log­i­cal ter­mi­nol­ogy and biog­ra­phy alike. An emi­nently use­ful pub­li­ca­tion and a sig­nif­i­cant ser­vice to the church.” - E. Calvin Beis­ner, Knox The­o­log­i­cal Seminary

Since its pub­li­ca­tion more than one hun­dred years ago, Shedd’s Dog­matic The­ol­ogy has held a place of honor among the mag­is­te­r­ial the­o­log­i­cal works of the Chris­t­ian faith. God has always pro­vided his church with good bib­li­cal the­ol­ogy for its nour­ish­ment and pro­tec­tion. This blessed pro­vi­sion con­tin­ues in this new edi­tion of Shedd’s clas­sic work. The well-conceived enhance­ments pro­vided by Alan Gomes greatly enrich the use­ful­ness of this work over the pre­vi­ous edi­tion, open­ing it up to all thought­ful read­ers.” - Robert L. Saucy, Tal­bot School of Theology



Our mis­sion is to serve Christ and his church by pro­duc­ing clear, engag­ing, fresh, and insight­ful appli­ca­tions of Reformed theology.


Author Interview with Zack Eswine

This week’s author inter­view is with Zack Eswine, author of Recov­er­ing Eden: The Gospel Accord­ing to Eccle­si­astes. This is the 15th and most recent book in our Gospel Accord­ing to the Old Tes­ta­ment series.

  • Ques­tion #1 — Tell us a lit­tle bit about yourself

I was born and raised in South­ern Indi­ana. Hen­ryville is my child­hood home­town. But I’ve spent a great deal of time in “the Knobs” too. Now, I’m a pas­tor. With my fam­ily, I work and rest in Web­ster Groves, Missouri.


  • Ques­tion #2 — Did you always enjoy writing?

When I was younger I enjoyed the thought of writ­ing but not the work of it. I liked the sounds of words and I liked to con­nect them. I imag­ined with ambi­tion the enjoy­ment of hav­ing my own books that peo­ple read. But a funny thing hap­pens. When your first book releases, you still have to take out the trash or brush your teeth or buckle beneath a pain that undoes you that day. So, I sup­pose over time “enjoy­ment” in writ­ing has changed its qual­ity. I sup­pose I’ve had to learn the hard work war­ranted by the craft. Per­haps my early enjoy­ment more resem­bled the delight of tast­ing an apple-flavored candy. The candy col­ors the tongue green for a moment. We look in the mir­ror or make faces at friends. But now “enjoy­ment” in writ­ing feels more like bone and ache. The stiff back and body soak of sweat from dig­ging dirt with­out shade until finally the sun decides to back off. Evening breeze and cool water whis­per and wait until finally we get to ease deep into our favorite chair next to our favorite peo­ple and hear those invit­ing words. “Din­ner is ready. “


  • Ques­tion #3 — What inspired you to write this book?

Two rea­sons. Per­son­ally, I find great help and com­fort from the book of Eccle­si­astes. Pas­torally, I have found that Chris­tians unfa­mil­iar with this book are sorely dis­ad­van­taged in the way they try to approach God and to do life as a Chris­t­ian. I have also found that those who aren’t Chris­tians can find gen­uine help in this book.


  • Ques­tion #4 — Do you have a spe­cific spot and/or time that you enjoy writ­ing the most?

As a pas­tor and as a fam­ily man, I have to fol­low the sea­sons and find my times within them. Some­times this means I’m writ­ing late at night, or within a nook of after­noon. I rarely write early in the morn­ing, though I can if I need to. My favorite spot is out­side, near some trees, next to some kind of water, like a pond or lake. But on most occa­sions I’m in my upstairs hall­way next to a win­dow at a desk.


  • Ques­tion #5 — How do you deal with writer’s block?

Every­one is dif­fer­ent on this of course. For me, I’ve tried the wis­dom that says, “push through and write any­thing, don’t edit it, and see what you dis­cover.” Some­times I do this. But more often than not, I’m real­iz­ing that I need to stop. Get up, go for a walk in my lit­tle upstairs hall­way or step out­side, feel the wind, walk around the neigh­bor­hood or even take a shower. Often thoughts begin to flow again. If they don’t, I’m learn­ing to assume that I’m not ready to write that sec­tion. It isn’t well enough formed or under­stood within me yet. I have to sur­ren­der to the fact that I need to live a bit more of life than I want to in order to write about this sub­ject that stalls me. Until then, I will move on to a dif­fer­ent sub­ject or idea. I try to ride what­ever wave will let me catch hold for as long is it will take me. Even if it isn’t the wave I wanted to ride that day.


  • Ques­tion #6 — Which Writ­ers Inspire You?

Dif­fer­ent writ­ers for dif­fer­ent rea­sons dur­ing dif­fer­ent sea­sons of my life. Wen­dell Berry, Kath­leen Nor­ris, Don­ald Hall, Czes­law Milosz, and Mary Oliver have put places into poetry. Mar­i­lynne Robin­son has done this also with her nov­els. Eugene Peter­son has done the same for me in terms of think­ing about pas­toral min­istry with a local peo­ple and place. Pastor/Poet/Novelists like Georges Bernanos or Ger­ard Man­ley Hop­kins inspire me as a pas­tor who writes. Fran­cis Scha­ef­fer and Jer­ram Barrs help me think about the world. John Calvin, Mar­tyn Lloyd Jones, and Charles Spur­geon teach me prayer and Spirit depen­dence upon God. Leighton Ford helps me pay atten­tion to Christ moment by moment.


Want to learn more about Zack Eswine?

Read his blog:

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BOOK HIGHLIGHT — 20 Controversies That Almost Killed A Church by Richard L. Ganz

20 Con­tro­ver­sies That Almost Killed A Church: Paul’s Coun­sel to the Corinthi­ans and the Church Today by Richard L. Ganz

264 pages | $14.99 | Paper­back | Pub­lished: 2003

Sum­mary: From a dis­tance of 2,000 years, the let­ter to the Corinthian church shows us the snares that we must avoid in the Chris­t­ian life.

About the Author:

Richard L. Ganz is the senior pas­tor of a church in Ottawa, Canada. He is also the pres­i­dent of Ottawa The­o­log­i­cal Hall, where he teaches bib­li­cal coun­sel­ing. Ganz is the author of sev­eral books, includ­ing Psy­chob­a­b­ble, The Secret of Self-Control, and Free Indeed.

What Others Say About This Book:

Don’t miss this one!”J.I. Packer

Prac­ti­cal, bib­li­cal advice on how to show love for the fel­low­ship of the saints. Richard Ganz gives pas­toral coun­sel to help believ­ers live in har­mony with one another within the church. I pray God will bless this work to all those who, like me, long to see Christ’s church uni­fied in pas­sion­ate love for the truth of the gospel.” - James White

A help­ful and inter­est­ing expo­si­tion of 1 Corinthi­ans. Rather than a verse-by-verse com­men­tary, the vol­ume offers a dis­cus­sion of major themes. That Richard Ganz has sprin­kled these dis­cus­sions with exam­ples from his own min­istry fur­ther enhances it. Thor­oughly bib­li­cal.” - Jay E. Adams

An up-to-date dis­cus­sion of many issues that threaten to kill churches today. True to Scrip­ture with­out being doc­tri­naire, writ­ten for the thought­ful lay­man . . . a help­ful con­tri­bu­tion to an ongo­ing dis­cus­sion of church life in the 21st cen­tury.” - Baruch Maoz


Our mis­sion is to serve Christ and his church by pro­duc­ing clear, engag­ing, fresh, and insight­ful appli­ca­tions of Reformed theology.