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Rediscovering Catechism

The Art of Equipping Covenant Children

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Format: Paperback
Pages: 154
ISBN: 9780875524641

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A contribution to the renaissance of catechism. It investigates the meaning and history of catechizing, and outlines practical considerations and steps for productive catechizing.


"A persuasive call to the grand tradition of catechizing our covenant children. May the church hear and heed this call. If we do, perhaps we will reap a harvest of stalwart saints who are zealous for Christ's crown and covenant."

—Susan Hunt

"One of the most important and practical tools for pastors, parents, and teachers that I have come across in recent years. I plan on ordering it in boxes."

—Michael S. Horton

"Van Dyken sets a tone of optimism and joy about this central duty and unspeakable privilege that God has given his church. Even those who do not share his commitment to the baptism of infants can benefit from his cogent argument and helpful suggestions."

—Tom J. Nettles

"Parents everywhere—particularly homeschoolers—will rejoice. Historically sound, biblically substantive, practically oriented, immediately accessible—a book every pastor, Sunday school teacher, elder, and principal will be able to recommend."

—George and Karen Grant

"It is hard to think of anything that would be of greater—or more lasting—benefit to Presbyterian and Reformed churches than to take heed to Van Dyken's wise counsel."

—G. I. Williamson


The Author

Donald Van Dyken

Donald Van Dyken

Donald Van Dyken is pastor of the Orthodox Christian Reformed Church of Sunnyside, Washington, and has been an avid teacher of catechism for over twenty years.