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Calvin and Commerce
The Transforming Power of Calvinism in Market Economics

ISBN: 9781596380950
by David W. Hall and Matthew Burton
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Calvin and Culture
Exploring a Worldview

ISBN: 9781596380981
by David W. Hall & Marvin Padgett - Editors
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Calvin in the Public Square
Liberal Democracies, Rights, and Civil Liberties

ISBN: 9781596380998
by David Hall
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Legacy of John Calvin
His Influence on the Modern World

ISBN: 9781596380851
by David W. Hall
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Piety of John Calvin (The)
A Collection of His Spiritual Prose, Poems, and Hymns

ISBN: 9780875520599
by Ford Lewis Battles
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Preaching Like Calvin
Sermons From the 500th Anniversary Celebration

ISBN: 9781596380974
by David W. Hall, Editor
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Theological Guide to Calvin's Institutes
Essays and Analysis

ISBN: 9781596380912
by David W. Hall & Peter Lillback, Editors
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Tributes to John Calvin
A Celebration of His Quincentenary

ISBN: 9781596380967
by David W. Hall - Editor
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