NEW RELEASE — Keeping Your Cool by Lou Priolo

Keep­ing Your Cool: A Teen’s Sur­vival Guide by Lou Pri­olo

256 pages | $12.99 | Paper­back

Sum­mary: If you are a teenager, you prob­a­bly know plenty about issues like argu­ing with your par­ents, rebelling against author­ity, and atti­tude problems—either first­hand or because every­one expects you to be like that! But what if you knew that these things actu­ally spring from a prob­lem with anger; that they‘re the result of being a sin­ner, not a teenager; and that you can have more con­trol over them than peo­ple think you can?

Bib­li­cal coun­selor Lou Pri­olo pro­vides a prac­ti­cal, under­stand­able, and bib­li­cal approach to mas­ter­ing sin­ful anger and its causes and effects. He helps you to assess your level of anger and what form it takes, to iden­tify some of the heart issues that lead to anger (and how to replace them with bib­li­cal atti­tudes,) and to have open com­mu­ni­ca­tion with your par­ents with­out the dis­trac­tions that cause argu­ments. Prac­ti­cal tools, such as jour­nal­ing exer­cises and dis­cus­sion points to talk over with your par­ents, help you to take mea­sur­able steps toward “keep­ing your cool.”

About the Author:

Lou Pri­olo is a Fel­low of the Asso­ci­a­tion of Cer­ti­fied Bib­li­cal Coun­selors and an instruc­tor with Birm­ing­ham The­o­log­i­cal Sem­i­nary. He has been the Direc­tor of Bib­li­cal Coun­sel­ing at East­wood Pres­by­ter­ian Church since 1998.



What Others Are Saying About This Book:

Refresh­ingly and doggedly bib­li­cal. With a thor­oughly gospel-centered approach, [Lou] helps young peo­ple to con­front sin head on and move toward find­ing both grace and change by the power of God’s Word and Spirit, while remain­ing intensely prac­ti­cal and con­crete.” - JON NIELSON, col­lege pas­tor, col­lege church, Wheaton, Illinois


Being a teenager is hard. Finally help is avail­able! Lou Pri­olo shows what teenage anger is and where it comes from. Open these pages and you will find hope, encour­age­ment, and the Sav­ior.”RICK HOLLAND, cofounder of the Resolved and Anchored Youth Conferences


Our mis­sion is to serve Christ and his church by pro­duc­ing clear, engag­ing, fresh, and insight­ful appli­ca­tions of Reformed theology.



NEW RELEASE — Jesus Is Most Special by Sally Michael

There are 3 months till Christ­mas! What per­fect tim­ing for the release of our new Christ­mas book: Jesus Is Most Spe­cial by Sally Michael.

24 Pages | $9.99 | Hard­cover | Color Illus­trated

Sum­mary: Our chil­dren are spe­cial to us, and Christ­mas is a spe­cial time for them, cap­ti­vat­ing them with its joy and won­der. What bet­ter time for par­ents to intro­duce their young chil­dren to the most spe­cial child ever born — the child who is also the Sav­ior of the world and the King of Kings?

Sally Michael helps par­ents to share the story of the birth of Jesus with their chil­dren and goes a step fur­ther by plac­ing the Christ­mas story in the larger con­text of the Bible, includ­ing what comes before and after. She goes on to moti­vate chil­dren to teach this all-important story to oth­ers after they have learned it them­selves. Through its large, full-color illus­trated pages and its sug­ges­tions for accom­pa­ny­ing songs and visu­als, this book will help chil­dren to learn by heart the most spe­cial story ever told.

About the Author:

Sally Michael is the co-founder and pub­lish­ing con­sul­tant of Chil­dren Desir­ing God, and she devel­oped their widely used Sun­day school cur­ricu­lum for young peo­ple. She is also an author and a speaker, and she served as Min­is­ter for Chil­dren at Beth­le­hem Bap­tist Church in Min­neapo­lis, Min­nesota, for six­teen years. She is also the author of God’s Names, God’s Promise, God’s Prov­i­dence, God’s Wis­dom.

What Others Are Saying about this Book:

The sim­plic­ity of this book mir­rors the plain­ness of the bib­li­cal story. Carol lyrics waft beside the brief, deep Scrip­tures that inspired them. In these pages the Sav­ior is clearly worshiped—the story of his arrival touched me yet again.” — Steve Estes, Author of A Bet­ter December


Our mis­sion is to serve Christ and his church by pro­duc­ing clear, engag­ing, fresh, and insight­ful appli­ca­tions of Reformed theology.



NEW RELEASE — Prone to Wander by Barbara Duguid and Wayne Duguid Houk

Prone to Wan­der: Prayers of Con­fes­sion and Celebration
by Bar­bara Duguid and Wayne Duguid Houk
edited by Iain M. Duguid

240 pages | $14.99 | Paper­back

Sum­mary: “We have left undone those things which we ought to have done; and we have done those things which we ought not to have done.” But what are “those things”? Why do we con­fess them?

The pur­pose of con­fess­ing our sins is not sim­ply to remind us what great sin­ners we are, but rather to point us to the great Sav­ior we have. Inspired by the Puri­tan clas­sic The Val­ley of Vision, this book pro­vides spe­cific prayers of con­fes­sion in response to par­tic­u­lar Scrip­ture pas­sages. They are ideal for use in church or in per­sonal devotions.

These prayers thank God for Jesus’ per­fect right­eous­ness and sub­sti­tu­tion­ary atone­ment for our sins and ask for the help of the Spirit in pur­su­ing holi­ness. They close with a scrip­tural assur­ance of par­don in Christ for the sins of God’s peo­ple. Appen­dices include the hymns ref­er­enced in each prayer, as well as the ser­mon texts that accom­pa­nied these con­fes­sions as they were orig­i­nally used in wor­ship services.

About the Authors:

Bar­bara R. Duguid is a coun­selor and min­istry assis­tant at Christ Pres­by­ter­ian Church (ARP) in Grove City, Penn­syl­va­nia, where she crafts the weekly liturgy. She is a pastor’s wife and the mother of six chil­dren, and she holds an advanced cer­tifi­cate in bib­li­cal coun­sel­ing from the Chris­t­ian Coun­sel­ing and Edu­ca­tional Foun­da­tion in Glen­side, Pennsylvania.

Wayne Duguid Houk is the events direc­tor and con­fer­ence plan­ner at Chris­t­ian Coun­sel­ing and Edu­ca­tional Foun­da­tion in Glen­side, Pennsylvania.


Iain M. Duguid is pro­fes­sor of Old Tes­ta­ment at West­min­ster The­o­log­i­cal Sem­i­nary, Philadel­phia. He has writ­ten numer­ous works of bib­li­cal expo­si­tion, includ­ing Esther & Ruth and Daniel in the Reformed Expos­i­tory Com­men­tary series, Ezekiel in the NIV Appli­ca­tion Com­men­tary series, and Num­bers in the Preach­ing the Word series.

What Others Say About This Book:
I find it eas­ier to learn about God than to talk to him. These devo­tion­als and prayers assist me in doing both, with the added ben­e­fit that they inspire me to pray those prayers with others.”
Edward T. Welch, Fac­ulty Mem­ber, Chris­t­ian Coun­sel­ing and Edu­ca­tional Foundation


Duguid and Houk show how the heart long­ing for rec­on­cil­i­a­tion with God can find peace and beauty in bib­li­cal con­fes­sion. . . . help[ing] us to face the bit­ter to taste the sweet.”
Bryan Chapell, Senior Pas­tor, Grace Pres­by­ter­ian Church


This book has many virtues. One is its flex­i­bil­ity in being adapt­able to a range of sit­u­a­tions, includ­ing pub­lic wor­ship and pri­vate devo­tions. . . . I love its over­all aims and method.”
—Leland Ryken, Pro­fes­sor of Eng­lish, Wheaton College



NEW RELEASE — The Threefold Cord by Jeremiah W. Montgomery

The Three­fold Cord: The Dark Har­vest Tril­ogy, Book Three

by Jere­miah W. Montgomery

320 Pages | $14.99 | Paper­back | Series: The Dark Har­vest Tril­ogy, Book 3

Sum­mary: The Dark Faith is ris­ing again. . . . Will it bury the light?

The machi­na­tions of the Dark Faith ignite war through­out the lands of Aeld Gowan. Des­per­ate to mar­shal allies against the ris­ing foe, Moru­mus embarks on a secret mis­sion to the dis­tant bar­bar­ian peo­ples of the North. Sin­is­ter events force Oethur to risk every­thing for his queen and his crown. Will he find jus­tice? Mean­while, agony haunts Urien in the dun­geons of the Scar­let Bishop as she faces the loss of everything—even her brother. Will the Ring of Stars be bro­ken . . . or will the Red Order drag all of Aeld Gowan into the bosom of the Mother?

About the Author:

Jere­miah W. Mont­gomery is the pas­tor of Res­ur­rec­tion Pres­by­ter­ian Church (OPC) in State Col­lege, Penn­syl­va­nia, and has been a pipemaker, blog­ger, and essay­ist. He and his wife have four sons, all of whom love to read.



What Others Say About this Book:

No one does fan­tasy like Jere­miah Mont­gomery! He draws the reader into an engross­ing, believ­able world peo­pled by char­ac­ters we love—and love to hate. His sto­ries and char­ac­ters stay with me long after I’ve fin­ished the book. If you’re look­ing for a fan­tasy that’s pow­er­ful, mov­ing, and full of truth, look no fur­ther. This is the writer for you!”

— Karen Ball, Best­selling Author, The Break­ing Point and Shat­tered Justice

Finally a tril­ogy that deals with clash­ing world­views, true faith, and vig­i­lante monks all at the same time! Mont­gomery is to be com­mended for care­fully expos­ing the evils of syn­cretism and clearly draw­ing the line between good and evil. A fast-paced, mul­ti­fac­eted fan­tasy novel, The Three­fold Cord deliv­ers a fit­ting end to the Dark Har­vest trilogy.”

— Patrick Daly, Man­ager of Sales, Mar­ket­ing, and Oper­a­tions, Ban­ner of Truth

Dark Harvest Trilogy:

The Three­fold Cord is the last book in the Dark Har­vest Tril­ogy.

$14.99 | 368 pages | Sam­ple Chapter

$14.99 | 304 pages | Sam­ple Chapter

$14.99 | 320 pages

$41.99 | 3 books = 992 pages


Our mis­sion is to serve Christ and his church by pro­duc­ing clear, engag­ing, fresh, and insight­ful appli­ca­tions of Reformed theology.



NEW RELEASE — Hidden in the Gospel by William P. Farley

Hid­den in the Gospel: Truths You For­get to Tell Your­self Every Day

by William P. Farley

128 Pages | $12.99 | Paper­back

Sum­mary: We live with our own thoughts 24/7. Often we are car­ried along by sin­ful think­ing instead of inten­tion­ally speak­ing truth to our­selves. How can we start chang­ing this? How can we live lives that are influ­enced by the gospel moment by moment?

William Far­ley argues that mature Chris­tians solve many spir­i­tual prob­lems in their lives by preach­ing the gospel to them­selves. The gospel is not one event but a story that began before time and stretches into eter­nity. Key moments in this story—such as Jesus’ incar­na­tion, death, res­ur­rec­tion, and ascension—teach us lessons that can be applied to life every sin­gle day. In this user-friendly book, Far­ley shows us how.

About the Author:

William P. Far­ley is the senior pas­tor of Grace Chris­t­ian Fel­low­ship, a non­de­nom­i­na­tional evan­gel­i­cal church in Spokane, Wash­ing­ton. This award-winning author’s writ­ing expe­ri­ence is exten­sive and diver­si­fied. He has pub­lished arti­cles in Dis­ci­ple­ship Jour­nal, Enrich­ment Jour­nal, and Focus on the Fam­ily Mag­a­zine. Bill and his wife, Judy, live in Spokane, Wash­ing­ton. Other books he has writ­ten include: Gospel-Powered Par­ent­ing: How the Gospel Shapes and Trans­forms Par­ent­ing, Gospel-Powered Humil­ity, and Out­ra­geous Mercy: Redis­cov­er­ing the Rad­i­cal Nature of the Cross.

What Others Say About this Book:

Pas­tors would have to engage in very lit­tle coun­sel­ing if Chris­tians would pri­or­i­tize what Bill Far­ley exhorts his read­ers to do. . . . [and this] would trans­form the lives of Chris­tians, their homes, and their churches.” —Don Whit­ney, The South­ern Bap­tist The­o­log­i­cal Sem­i­nary, Louisville, Kentucky

“This small gem of a book pro­vides a joy­ous gospel feast that begins with our elec­tion in Christ before the foun­da­tion of the world and ends with Christ’s new cre­ation. No small thoughts here! This is the recipe for big, expansive, and ever-expanding hearts.” —R. Kent Hughes, Col­lege Church, Wheaton, Illinois


Our mis­sion is to serve Christ and his church by pro­duc­ing clear, engag­ing, fresh, and insight­ful appli­ca­tions of Reformed theology.