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What My Golden Retriever Taught Me About God

Rhonda McRae

Price: 11.99
ISBN: 9781596381636
Binding: Hardback
Publication Date: June 2010

What can Sadie the golden retriever do for author Rhonda McRae?

She doesn’t pay bills. She never gets supper ready. She can’t even do housework. So why is she a cherished member of the family? Why does it bring her owners joy just to give her joy? Why can she make them happy just by being herself?

Simply because they love her.

Rhonda explores the loving relationship she has with her Creator through the illustration of her own relationship with Sadie. After all, if a dog-lover can care deeply for a pet who brings nothing to the table, needs to be constantly looked after, and gets into trouble, maybe that’s why God can find joy in flawed, fallen, imperfect human beings.

Simply because he loves us.

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"As Proverbs instructs us to ponder the behavior of animals—including ants, lions, oxen, and even dogs—so Rhonda McRae has closely observed the ways of Sadie, her golden retriever; and in that light she offers wise counsel concerning believers’ relationship to God. In prose that is clear, engaging, and humorous, the author evidences her love for Sadie and her yet deeper love for her just, merciful, and loving God."

¬Knox Chamblin, New Testament Professor Emeritus, Reformed Theological Seminary

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