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Nearness of God (The)
His Presence with His People

J. Lanier Burns

Price: 17.99
Pages: 272
ISBN: 9781596380561
Binding: Paperback
Publication Date: October 2009

God, for many people, is an abstract figure who set the world running but is now largely absent from it. Even Christians can fall into this trap. Academics spend their time merely talking about God. Churches exist for their own fulfillment. When this happens, God seems far away. But in the Bible, God is not only center-stage; he is intimately involved with his people. Lanier Burns shows us that, at each stage of the unfolding story of God and his people, God's presence is never far away.

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This is an encouraging and helpful book by an insightful and seasoned scholar. In The Nearness of God, Lanier Burns sheds much light on a wonderful but neglected biblical themeóGodís presence. Readers will find their theology deepened, their hope rekindled, and their joy increased.

Christopher W. Morgan, Professor of Theology, California Baptist University Riverside, CA

J. Lanier Burns (Th.M., Th.D., Dallas Theological Seminary; Ph.D., University of Texas, Dallas) is senior research professor of theology at Dallas Theological Seminary. Since 1973, he has served as the president of the Asian Christian Academy in Bangalore, India

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